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Embark on a transformative journey with Beyond the Senses Amethyst Meditation, where we invite you to traverse the depths of your senses, transcending earthly boundaries and venturing into the realms beyond. This immersive experience is designed to empower you, harnessing deep insight and expansive inner wisdom. Explore the universe within, guided by the enchanting essence of the Amethyst Pocket Crystal combined with the Beyond the Senses Meditation.

Meet    the Collaborators 


A Yoga loving scientist from Manchester based in the U.K. A devotee of Yoga, Compassion, and a lover of travel.  Her passions lay in sharing traditional holistic teachings and products with true heart. Having many years of experience in the product and fragrance industry as a chemist, Genna weaves some of this knowledge into her work. 
Genna’s work harnesses her experience of ill mental health to promote vulnerability and compassion as strength to encourage the worthiness and belonging of all. Genna’s Yoga Sanctuary was birthed from a dream, to hold a space for you to feel held, supported, and free to embody your whole self in absolute ‘enoughness’.

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Fajers is a young holistic and sustainable lifestyle brand founded by Nina, a spiritual architect based in Sweden. Working in the fashion industry for many years and fighting for her own health since she was a teen, Nina is mixing her knowledge of fashion and her passion for holistic wellness in Fajers.

At Fajers you can find the tools you need for your holistic health. The products have a deep reason to why they exist. Fajers is pronounced like fire with an s at the end and for Nina it represent the fire we all have inside of us.

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